Home care in Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill

Supported Accommodation for 16-18 years


We provide specialist supported accommodation to looked after children aged 16-18 years old.

Our accommodation is fully furnished and finished to a high specification.

We have a portfolio of fully furnished property from 2- 6 bedrooms. All of our properties are close to amenites such as shops, doctors, sports, leisure centres, schools and colleges and have good transport links to larger towns and cities.

Before you arrive, we will have completed a full matching assessment to ensure that the housing and support we provide fully meets your individual needs. You may be housed on your own or matched to live with other people. Your social worker will have worked with us to ensure that the housing and support we provide is the most suitable for you.



How we will support you:

We will provide you with a fully furnished high standard living accommodation. As a minimum you will have your own bedroom and access to a kitchen, bathroom and communal living areas. Within your own room you will have space and storage for your own belongings, and we will support you to furnish your room to your own taste. We will actively encourage you to decide how the communal areas are furnished.

When you arrive, we will provide you with a welcome pack that will provide you with all the essentials needed such as a toothbrush, toiletries, new bedding and towels. We will also provide you with items to meet any cultural needs, for example a prayer mat and the Quran or bible. Along with an information guide on the area, the house rules and the staff team. We will introduce you to our team of staff and your new housemates. You will be allocated a key worker for a minimum of 10 hours per week that will work with you to develop your stepping out plan.


The plan will include:

  • ensuring you access education, training and employment opportunities
  • family contact
  • taking care of emotional and mental health
  • healthy relationships
  • religious and cultural needs
  • reducing substance and alcohol abuse
  • accessing and registering with health services
  • socialising and community integration
  • attending appointments
  • self – esteem and confidence in order to meet your full potential
  • support with attending social worker appointments
  • support attending legal appointments
  • support with navigating the immigration system, attending home office appointments
  • joining and attending leisure and health activities
  • food preparation and healthy eating
  • food and grocery shopping and budgeting


Your support plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure that you have everything you need to be working towards independence.

We have great links with the community, including the Iman from the mosque, youth and drama clubs and sports clubs such as boxing, football, cricket, horse-riding and netball. Where possible we obtain funding to enable you to access activities.

We have a weekly free to access in-house youth club where we play games, (such as table tennis, table football, Xbox) have a meal, socialise and plan for trips and outings for sports matches, cinema, seaside trips and much more. We also have a weekly football match which has proven to be great fun.

There are weekly house meetings to bring everyone together to listen to your views and make positive changes.