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Does loneliness affect mental health?

Loneliness is often a subject avoided by many. Whether linked to the current situation, a fleeting feeling or something that’s been lingering, it often has a dramatic impact on your life.

Thought to be associated with the older generation, loneliness is actually three times higher for people aged 16 – 24 with one in 10 people becoming affected.

Research from the Marmalade Trust also states that the UK is said to be the loneliest country in Europe, with around 200,000 people going a month or more without speaking to a friend or relative.

Loneliness is an area our carers are here to help with. Our services cover everything from personal care and general assistance, through to simple companionship. We can pop by for a cup of tea, a chat or to sit and play games providing clients with company and support as often as they require it. We can even arrange to stay overnight if a family members needs to go away and would like someone to be on hand in their absence.

We work with a wide variety of people, of all ages, needs and disabilities. And our team is qualified within a wide range of specialist care for those with learning disabilities, physical ailments and mental health issues, including Alzheimer’s and dementia.

We understand that the whole year has proven tough for many, and we’re pleased that our team are able to continue to provide services for many in a safe and reliable manner.

If you or your loved one are suffering from loneliness please call our team to find out how we can help you. Our packages are tailored to every client to ensure you have the right assistance you need. Call us on 01638 561100 to find out more.