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How Home Care Can Improve Mental Health

Research suggests that home care can improve mental health, and even goes as far to say that those with higher levels of social interaction are proven to be healthier overall.

Companionship has been proven as a key, with studies suggesting that loneliness can affect a wide range of health conditions. Our home carer can not only provide domestic assistance and medical attention, but also build a bond with users. Carers can accompany your loved ones on walks, visits to the shops and trips to the theatre. They can also play cards and games at home or provide companionship when the service user is taking part in other hobbies that they enjoy.

Employing an at-home carer also frees up the time of relatives, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved one. Relatives and friends often have to help with errands and tasks around the house, leaving little time for enjoyable activities. A carer will relieve them of these duties allow a more balanced relationship to return, benefitting the health of both of you.

When someone lives alone, they can have a tendency to neglect certain tasks around the home, such as cleaning or cooking. This can be a sign of declining mental health. A carer can instil motivation and provide a gentle nudge to complete tasks safely.

Prevention is also a key part of mental health. A carer can also keep a lookout for early signs of underlying issues. They can make sure that the person receives the help that they may need and continue to record their progress.

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