Home care in Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill

Top quality training for our team!

We currently have 3 members of the team working towards becoming Dementia Care Coaches.


We are incredibly fortunate to be awarded 3 places as there are only 420 places across Norfolk and Suffolk. This shows that we’re proactively seeking out training opportunities for our staff and in this case the training will enable us to provide this crucial coaching to the families of those affected by dementia.

Once qualified our three Dementia Care Coaches will be able to help with these significant issues affecting all those touched by this heart-breaking condition:

  • How do I communicate with my family member?
  • How can I manage the dementia behaviours?
  • How will I keep my loved one safe at home?
  • What are safe activities to keep him/her involved and active?
  • How can I prepare for disease progression?
  • How do I find relief and respite from caregiving?
  • When and how should I hire in-home caregivers?
  • How will I know when, or if, it is time for a move to residential care?
  • How do I navigate through the healthcare system?
  • What are some ‘red flags’ I should be aware of?