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Contractor License Florida Books

10th June 2023

Contractor License Florida Books: Your Guide to Passing the State Exam

Becoming a licensed contractor in Florida requires passing a state exam. Aspiring contractors may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to know to pass the exam. Fortunately, there are several contractor license Florida books available that can help you prepare for the exam.

What are Contractor License Florida Books?

Contractor license Florida books are study materials designed to assist aspiring contractors in passing the state licensing examination. These books provide detailed information on the different topics covered in the exam, from state laws and regulations to the technical aspects of construction. They are written by experts in the industry and are curated to give a comprehensive review of all the information needed to succeed in the exam.

Why are Contractor License Florida Books Important?

The state exam for a contractor`s license in Florida can be challenging. It covers a wide range of topics, from building codes to business regulations. Having access to the right study materials can give you an edge on the exam and improve your chances of passing.

Contractor license Florida books provide a structured approach to studying for the exam. The information is presented in an organized manner, making it easier to understand and retain. They also offer practice questions and tests, allowing you to assess your knowledge and focus on areas that need improvement.

Top Contractor License Florida Books

Here are some of the most recommended contractor license Florida books that can help you prepare for the state exam:

1. Contractor`s General Building and Law and Business Exam Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix Test Preparation

This book is designed to help you pass both the general building and law and business exams. It includes practice questions and test-taking strategies to help you improve your overall exam performance.

2. Florida Contractor`s Manual, 2020 Edition by Inkling Construction

This manual is the official reference book for the state exam. It covers all aspects of construction, including building codes, safety regulations, and business practices. It also includes practice tests to help you prepare for the exam.

3. Florida Construction Law by Steven M. Siegfried

This book covers the legal aspects of construction in Florida. It is a comprehensive guide to the complex laws and regulations that govern the industry and is an invaluable resource for contractors looking to expand their knowledge beyond the scope of the state exam.


Contractor license Florida books are essential study materials for anyone looking to pass the state licensing exam. They provide a structured approach to studying the necessary information, making it easier to understand and retain. With the right study materials and dedicated effort, passing the state exam and becoming a licensed contractor in Florida is within reach.