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Microsoft Office Home Use Program License Agreement

16th December 2021

Microsoft Office Home Use Program License Agreement: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Office is a suite of software applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook that has become a staple in homes and businesses across the world. For many years, Microsoft has offered a program called the Home Use Program (HUP) that allows employees of participating companies to purchase Office products at a discounted price for personal use. However, there are several important details to be aware of regarding the license agreement.

What is the Microsoft Office Home Use Program?

The Microsoft Office Home Use Program is a benefit available to employees of participating companies that allows them to purchase Office products (including Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal) at a discounted rate for personal use. This program is designed to enable employees to use the same productivity software they use at work for personal projects or to work from home.

When employees purchase Office through the HUP, they are granted a license to use the software on one device (either a PC or Mac). The license is only valid for as long as the employee remains employed by the participating company that provided access to the HUP.

What are the terms of the license agreement?

When an employee purchases Office products through the HUP, they are required to agree to the terms of a license agreement. This agreement outlines the specific terms and conditions under which the software can be used.

One key aspect of the license agreement is that it restricts the use of the software to non-commercial purposes only. This means that employees cannot use the software to conduct business or generate revenue, even if it is for a personal project.

Additionally, the license agreement prohibits the transfer of the software to another device or user. This means that employees cannot share their copy of Office with family members or friends, or install it on multiple devices they own.

It is also important to note that the license agreement specifies that employees are responsible for any technical support required for the software. Microsoft will not provide technical support for HUP licenses.

What happens to the license agreement if an employee leaves the company?

If an employee who purchased Office through the HUP leaves the company, they are no longer eligible to use the software under the discounted license. However, they do have the option to purchase a new license for full price in order to continue using the software.

It`s also important to note that any data and files created using the HUP software belong to the employee, not the company. This means that employees can take their data and files with them when they leave, but they must be sure not to violate any confidentiality or intellectual property agreements.

In conclusion, the Microsoft Office Home Use Program is a great way for employees to save money on personal software purchases. However, it is important to read and understand the license agreement before purchasing to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions. By following the rules outlined in the agreement, employees can enjoy the convenience and functionality of Microsoft Office without worrying about violating any licensing agreements.